I have already installed an application manually. Can I import it to Softaculous?

You can add a manually installed application to Softaculous. To import your existing installation please follow the steps below:
  • Log in to your cPanel

cPanel Login

  •  Navigate to Softaculous under the Software/Services tab


  • Find the application which you want to import from the left menu. You can also use the "Search" functionality
  • On the software page, Click the "Import" tab which will open a new page "Import Software"
  • On the new page you will see two sections – "Choose Domain" and "In Directory". If your application is installed in the public_html folder and is accessible via your main domain name leave the fields empty and click "Import". If the application is in a sub-folder type the name of the sub-folder in the "In Directory" field and click "Import";
That's it, your application is now imported to softaculous!
  • You will be able to upgrade the software from the Softaculous interface, directly through your web browser.
  • You will be able to create/restore backups of the application from Softaculous, again via your browser.
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