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Hello and Welcome to GigaLayer.

We are committed to provide you with reliable web hosting services with the best 24/7 customer support you can imagine. Whether you are looking for personal web site hosting or bringing your company to the web, GigaLayer is the right choice for you.

Please go through the following guidelines if you are new to web hosting.

We assume that you have purchased a hosting plan and received our welcome email with your account login details and DNS information. (If you have not received welcome email, please contact our support to address it). Once you go through following steps you can easily setup your new website.

STEP 1: Update Your Nameservers (Not required for domain names registered with us)

You should ensure that your domain DNS are pointing to:

STEP 2: Log in to your web hosting cPanel account

Make sure that your updated domain DNS and propagated (24/48hrs) as per Step 1 before proceeding further. You can access your domain cPanel by visiting this url in your web browser You will be asked to enter your username and password which you can find in your welcome email under the "Account Information" section.

Note: Replace with your actual domain name.

Once you log in to cPanel, you can create email accounts, sub domains and MySql Databases etc. You will also be prompted with tutorial to guide you through using cPanel. This will come in handy if you have not used cPanel before or want to refresh your memory about cPanel hosting.

STEP 3: Uploading your website.

To publish your website (upload the files from your local computer) to your account/server, you need to use some sort of uploading software. There are many options available but we recommend you get filleZilla which is free and open source at

Before uploading through your FTP software, you require the following details:

  • USERNAME: Your control panel username 
  • PASSWORD: Your password
  • UPLOAD DIRECTORY: public_html

Your home page must be placed in the "public_html" directory and must be named "index.htm" or index.html. This is the file that the server looks for when someone types your URL: in their web browser. You can also use the File Manager in your cPanel to upload.

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