How to set a secure password

Your password cannot be too strong, the more complex and long it is, the better!

A combination of least 3 of the following key points will set you a secure password safe enough to protect you from an average hijack attempt.

  • Use mixed cases (capital and small letters) (A-Z & a-z)
  • Add numbers at least twice. (0 - 9).
  • Use special characters, symbols, and punctuations (`,!@#$%^&*())
  • Keep the password 8 characters long or more (mandatory)
  • Avoid using words in the dictionary.
  • Avoid using the date of birth or family name.

If you do all this, you should be able to stay safe. An example of such a secure password should be like: “vQw$1t3zT:” (Do not use this one as your password, it’s already public and insecure).

If making or remembering this kind of password seems difficult to you, you can use tools like to engineer a secure password together with a simple technique to memorize it.

Never use a password such as "Woodson99". That is not a password in today's age, any average hacker can break in with such kind of passwords.

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