Configuring WHM for the first time.

To begin, please log in to WHM using your root login details for the first time as provided to you in the server welcome email. You will be prompted to configure Configure WHM as follows. Read carefully and follow the guideline to configure it properly for a start.

    • Step 1 (Terms of Service):

      Read and Agree to go to Step 2

    • Step 2 (Networking): 

      Contact Information:
      Enter server admin email: (admin@yourdomain)
      ** Skip the rest of the information

      This server's hostname: Enter "server.yourdomain"
      You can enter any hostname of your choice, read the examples and be sure you set correct one.

      Enter only two resolvers or do not change them if you already see the following resolvers set.
      1. Primary:
      2. Secondary:

      Main Network/Ethernet Device: Do not change this, keep it as it is.

      Save and go to Step 3

    • Step 3 (Setup IP Addresses) :

      Confirm your correct IP is set on the Current IP Address and proceed to Step 4.

    • Step 4 (Setup Nameservers): 

      Nameserver Config:
      Select BIND, unless you know what you are doing and want to use something else. We highly recommend BIND.

      Choose name servers domain:
      Nameserver 1: ns1.yourdomain
      Nameserver 2: ns2.yourdomain

      Add A Entries for Nameservers and Hostname:
      Tick the checkbox [  ] Add "A Entries" for all Nameservers and the then enter your server IP in the ns1.yourdomain & ns2.yourdomain fields. Note it is the same IP you will use in both fields.

      Tick the checkbox [  ] Add "A Entries" for Hostname
      Enter your server IP in the IP Entry field.

      Save & Go to Step 5

    • Step 5 (Services):

      FTP Server:
      Select "Pure-FTPD" unless you know what you are doing and prefer to use something else. Our support can also assist with Pure-FTPD daemon issues. If you do not need FTP on this server, you can tick Disabled.

      Mail Configuration:
      Select "Dovecot" unless you know what you are doing and prefer to use something else. You can select disabled if you do not intend to use Mail Services with this server

      Configure cPHulk / Brute Force Protection:
      By default, your server will come with another service called Config Server Firewall. You may choose to disable cPHulk later or now. Not recommended, you may disable it altogether.

      Install Common Set of Perl Modules:
      Leave this unchecked, unless your application needs CGI and such scripts. We recommend you leave it unchecked.

      Save & Go to Step 6

    • Step 6 (Set up Quotas):

      Select use file system quotas and finish the wizard to go into your WHM application. You may be presented with new features, just click save and proceed.

You are not yet done, although you will be taken to the WHM dashboard, you need to perform one more set to complete your setup.

On the right-hand side of the menu, go to Server Configuration --> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup. Scroll down, Under Basic Config, enter your server IP in the first field, do not change anything else. Go to the bottom and click Save Changes. You are now ready to create your first cPanel account from the side menu under Account Functions --> Create a New Account.



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