NiRA .ng Premium Domain Auction

Nigeria (.ng) Internet Registry Association, NiRA has decided to sell out its long-held .ng domain names through auctions on Twitter. The auction process will happen in batches using hashtags. Each bidder will be giving a unique identification number to tweet with for the bid. In the first batch, we have the following domains:,,,,

These domain names are considered premium by the registry due to their high internet value and some of them have been sold for N1.5Million ($4,250) in the past and are still selling. But you can buy any of these domain names through the auction as low as N100,000 (the reserve price). We decided to take part in this auction and support our customers all through the process.

Interested bidders are required to register with us with a minimum deposit of N20,000 ($57) which will form part of the payment when the bid is complete and won. If the bidder fails to bid, the deposit will be forfeited as the penalty, however, if the bidder participated but could not win the bid, 80% of the deposit (N16,000) will be fully refunded while 20% (N4,000) will be held as bidding fees. The whole bidding process will happen on Twitter and strictly following the bidding hashtag.

Only names put on offer by NIRA can be bid for.

Hence we will update this knowledge base periodically as more domains are added and bidding processes adjusted.

If you have any inquiry, please contact our sales support team via live chat or email or phone call.

Thank you.

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