How to Setup your new SSL Certificate

Setting up your newly purchased SSL Certificate is easy and all automated. However, before you begin, ensure to generate a CSR Key from your hosting provider. If you're hosting with GigaLayer, kindly do so from within cPanel or contact our Tech Support to assist you with it. Then proceed with the following steps.

Log in to your Core account at

  • Go to the SSL Certificate service page.
  • Click on Configure Now on the right sidebar.
  • Select your server type and paste in your CSR-Key code.
  • Fill the rest of the information and click Submit to proceed.

Once that is compelete, the admin/administrator@yorudomain email you used will be contacted for approving the SSL Certificate by the Vendor. Your SSL Certifiacte Keys will then be automatically emailed to you by the Vendor directly and you can also obtain keys form the Core panel here at GigaLayer under the same service page as described above.

If you need any assistance, our tech support are available 24hrs for you.

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