Terminated Service

Your services with us are mostly provided on a subscription basis, to be renewed on/before expiry date. You may be giving 7days grace period post expiry, before the service will be suspended (if not renewed).

If a service is not renewed during it's subscription or suspension circle, our system will automatically terminate it after 30days to free space on our servers for other paying customers (although a backup may be generated in our offsite compressed storage during the active period of your website, which is also automatically deleted in a few months after termination)

If a backup is ever taken for a terminated service, we may be able to pull it back for a fee. You need to contact our support team for chances of available backup if your hosted service expired longer than 1 month without renewal. Note that, this is a courtesy service and there is no guarantee of available backup for a terminated service.

For details about our terms of service with you regarding backups, pelase read: https://gigalayer.com/terms-of-service#backup
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