What is a Sub-Account?

As a company you may need some members of staff to be able to handle things on your behalf. Sub-accounts are powerful and you can even restrict what each contact can do with the sub-account; specify various actions you want them to handle on behalf of the main account. For instance you can allow your tech team to have access to your services or your billing department to handle all invoices sent to you. 

We call the main account (yours) the Master account, and any user you create under your account, Sub-account.

Some Usecases of Sub-accounts:
  • Billing Department: - Corporate customers of GigaLayer may have a dedicated billing department who should be given access to pay invoices and place new orders while the web/technical staff would only be given access to view current products & services and submit support requests. This means you can have your team on GigaLayer managing your products/service just like they do in a conventional office.
  • Web Developers: - As a GigaLayer customer, you may be employing a web developer to build and maintainyour website. You might want to give that developer access to create tickets and correspond on your behalf, without being able to access any billing information or change your account details, you can even specify email preferences for a contact/sub-account so you decide what email alerts they get to see and section of your account they should be able to modify/access.
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