How to Run Python Scripts on GigaLayer

All our shared servers are deployed with support for python scripts. However, you need to do a few tweaks to have it work for you.

First, you need to setup a handler for your .py script in cPanel; this is not created by default. The handler tells the Apache to pass Python scripts to the Python interpreter on the server to be executed, instead of sending the script to the browser for download. You can define a Python handler in cPanel.

To set handlers in cPanel, look for Apache Handlers on the main cPanel page for the account that needs to run a Python script. Enter cgi-script in the box next to Handler, and enter .cgi .pl .py in the box next to Extension(s). Click Add. The handler will be added and listed as a user-defined handler.

Now, change the permissions on any Python script files in your account to 755 if you have not done so already. The files will need 755 permissions in order for suexec to execute them. The Python script files should now be executed if you call them from a browser.

Should you need any assistance, please contact our Tech Support.

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